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I have been a freelancer since 2007 and I started my career with the old odesk.com platform which now became upwork.com.

I have lots of friends that asked me how to become a freelancer and I have pointed them to the site and told them to create an account, upload your resume and take the necessary tests and make sure you get 90% and above so that you have a better chance with potential employers. Also for beginners you might want to lower your hourly rate for a bit, around $2-$3 per hour. If your resume isn’t too impressive, it’s advisable to apply to Fixed Price (a contract with a fixed amount of time usually weeks to a month) jobs first so that when you finish it, you can ask for your client for a 5 star rating. When you get around 2 to 3 5 star ratings, then you apply for hourly jobs. Most employers look for freelancers who already has a good rating, especially those who pays a higher hourly rate.

Write a good application letter. Make sure you read the job description, some employers add in specific instructions when you apply and if you don’t do it, they would not read your application. Some put in instructions like, put ‘ I love Blue’ in your subject line. So you better take time reading the job posting.

When formulating an application letter, I usually copy and paste all of the text in the job posting. I put a note on each specific skill that the employer require and indicate if I know how to do it, if I’m good at it. I rate myself on each skill. After doing this, I put it in my application letter. For example if an employer needs a person that has experience in Amazon, I will put in my experience in Amazon. What my specific job was, how many years I did it, what activities I do for this job. I’ll say: “I was a virtual assistant of an Amazon Seller focusing on hardware (house and garden). My job was to input new products, manage orders. I worked for this employer for 1 year and a half”. Just be honest, it will be easier to answer their questions when you are invited for an interview.

If an employer needs a specific skill that you do not have experience in, just say that you do not have experience with it but you are a highly skilled person and that some of your experiences are related to that skill and that you are very easy to train and have a short learning curve. This usually works and the employer won’t worry anymore that you do not have a skill that they are looking for.

When you are invited to an interview, you must prepare for it. I usually come up with potential questions that an employer might ask. Like, what was your last work?, why did you resign from your job?, what can you contribute to the team?, what are your experience and skills?, why would I hire you?, what are your plans 5 years from now?. These are the usual questions in a job interview. Formulate your answers for each a minimum of 5 sentences would be good. Write them down and read them out loud. Make sure you practice speaking your lines and check that you do not sound scripted. Sell yourself, convince your interviewer that you are the right guy for them to hire.

Hopefully, with these tips and strategies, you will get hired. When you start earning, withdrawing your hard earned money usually takes 2 to 3 business days. That is if you use direct bank deposit or Paypal. If you want to withdraw your money the faster way, you can always use Payoneer. You can withdraw your earnings instantly thru your local ATM.

Don’t worry if you do not get hired outright. It took me almost 5 months to land my first gig in the old odesk.com platform but after that first gig, I landed lots of jobs and earned 3 times more than the average 8-5 employee. Plus, I get to work at home in my shorts, with my kids and enjoying the non-office environment. Also, I do get to go to spend vacations with my family in some island, while working. As long as there is a cellphone signal for my wifi dongle, I’m good to go.


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