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I’m a Virtual Assistant, working at home with 2 clients.


Money is good, I earn three times more than the average office worker. BUT I also work 16 hours a day, Monday to Saturday. I have money BUT I don’t have time freedom.


I am exhausted everyday and I don’t even rest on Sundays since I need to do familial duties. I don’t have a day where I can just lie down on the couch, watch TV and relax.


Even if I work at home, I still do not have time to play with my kids or even have a long conversation with my wife. I am always on the clock. I am physically at home yes, BUT I’m always at work facing my laptop.


I want to have time freedom. I am always on the lookout for online business opportunities. I wanted to still earn online BUT not as a virtual assistant, rather as a successful affiliate marketer or better yet as an owner of a digital product.


I found several great affiliate products, the problem is I do not know how to market it. Their affiliate training did not cover it in depth. I tried binary options and lost my deposit in seconds. I created this blog, practicaldaddy.com but I do not have the time to create posts regularly. I don’t have time to grow my audience. I also joined a club that gives monthly tips on what companies to invest in the stock market. I bought some stocks but you only profit from these on the long term.


I was looking for something to replace my income in a year or less. I was looking for an app, a training, an affiliate program to teach me the correct way to market. I need to know how to market correctly.


Blogging is a correct way to market BUT you need to do a lot of things. SEO, search keywords, article writing, article linking, guest posting, backlinks, post regularly, grow your audience and a lot more. It takes a LOT of time AND time is what I do not have.


Then I stumbled on ClickFunnels. It was logical for me. Everything clicked.


ClickFunnels offers the correct system in order for you to sell your product. Just create a funnel and advertise. ClickFunnels teaches you to market to TRAFFIC THAT YOU CONTROL and TRAFFIC THAT YOU OWN by using Facebook Ads and Direct Marketing (Emails/Solo Ads). There is no need to maintain a website or a blog if you do not have the TIME. Just advertise your funnel in Facebook Ads and/or Solo Ads (if you do not have your own list yet) and make a SALE.


ClickFunnels answered my need: Market Correctly, Generate Sales and Save TIME.


Don’t just take my word for it. Below is a video from Liz Benny talking about ClickFunnels. Liz Benny is the Queen of Kapow from new Zealand and the owner of Lizbenny.com. She teaches her students how to be a successful Social Media Manager.



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