I joined the Truly Rich Club

I gave in and finally after a year or so, I signed up to Truly Rich Club. I already have my BPI Trade account a year ago. Today I finally decided to jump in and invest in the stock market. I have faith and confidence in Bo’s (and his financial mentors) tips on what stocks to buy and hopefully sell in the months to come and eventually take profit on it. . He’s got this system of listing certain stocks, at what price to buy it, at what price to stop buying it and a target price when to sell it. I don’t need to do my research, his team already did it for me. If you want to dip your toes in the stock market, this is the way to go, visit http://paulosolana.trulyrichclub.com

I funded my bpitrade account with only P3,000 to test things out. I checked Bo’s SAM Table and found the stock that has the highest projected growth. I copied the stock name to get a Quote. I wanted to compute if I was able to afford it. I thought the ask volume was the quantity of shares that I should buy at a certain price. I was pissed because I thought the stock market was supposed to be affordable to the average income earner.

I checked all the stocks that was recommended in Bo’s SAM table and when I computed it, I realized I was not able to afford them. Because of my frustration and really wanting to start investing the stock market, I had to research what ‘ask volume’ means.

So I went to Google and put in ‘stock market ask volume’ saw the results and read them. Then I finally understood that it only means that these are the amount of shares that people want to buy. Having realized my mistake, I now know that I can afford buying shares of stocks. I should have researched more on this but my excitement got the better of me. I want to own stocks NOW!

So I went ahead and bought RLC at P24.90/share for a quantity of 119 because this will add up to around 2,900+ since my budget was only P3,000 for this week. Lo and behold, I got another error message. It said that I’m buying a mixed lot and I have to check the board lot. So, I checked the board lot and discovered that prices from P20-P49.95 can only be bought in increments of 100 shares. So that means I can only buy 100 shares and not 119. If I have extra money I could buy it for 200 shares.

Finally after getting all my values corrected, I was able to buy stocks for the first time. I now have 100 shares of RLC. I’ll just have to monitor if its price will reach Bo’s SAM table recommendation and sell it or in the stock market world “take profit”.



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